Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Parrots are terrifying

On my break at work once again, taking the apple store's internet to bring you horrifying singing birds!

In other news, I'm sick, and very dopey on dayquil. :[
Hopefully after all of this work I'll have time to work on cosplay again.


  1. lol! I fucking love this. It makes me a little nostalgic because I used to love this song as a tween XD

  2. HAHAHAH PARROTS! I played this without my boyfriend seeing the tagline, and he started singing the song haha

  3. I used to love this song so much! but that parrot is really creepy...

    Feel better soon! Take it easy :)

  4. Thats cool you can skip out work and fiddle around on the net. I dig the blog. Following and supporting