Monday, December 20, 2010

Filler pictures!

WOW. I have been so busy with my job. :[ I apologize for not posting. I'm currently in the middle of an eleven day, 9 hour a day chunk of work. I will never work in retail again after this job, holy cow. At least the overtime will be nice!
Anyway, as I'm on my break at work, I figured I'd just post a few pictures of the Christmas Morning Harley Quinn that I put together for YuleCon last month. Hopefully they won't be too large, I'm at the Apple Store and can't figure out how to resize. P: Sue me, I'm tired!

Okay, the apple store employees are beginning to look at me funny, so I guess that's all from me! I have more pictures of the outfit on my deviantart, if anyone is interested in seeing more. :] 


  1. Lovely photos! You look cute as always :)

  2. Wow, you look adorable! Nice take on Harley!