Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Greasepaint and giggles

My main cosplay is Harley Quinn, and I get asked "how do you get your white so smooth and opaque?" pretty frequently. So I've decided to post cliffnotes to my makeup routine for any aspiring Quinn cosplayers. :)
I used to get makeup ALL over my cowl before I learned how to do my makeup properly. You have to set it with powder, but I don't mean just lightly dusting with a bit, you need to pack it in. It always best to run your finger over your face to check. Even when you think it may be too much, its not. At least for me, heh. I tend to use Bloody Mary White Heat.

First, I pull my hair up into pigtails where the liliripes would be and put them into half-buns. I've got long, thick hair, so the wig cap looks a bit odd, but if you want to use it go ahead! Then I put in my blue contacts. If I try that after my makeup it makes me tear up and it messes everything up!

Next I put the cowl on and tuck tissues/toilet paper into the edges and fold the paper back so I don't smudge the greasepaint onto the cowl when I put it on.

I then outline my mask with white eyeliner on my face and start applying the greasepaint. After one thin layer, I powder extensively. I then apply another layer simply because it gives a nice opaque white and I've got darker skin. And then powder again, of course.

Next I put on two coats of black mascara, and apply black eyeliner. Nothing extravagant, just a little hint to bring out my eyes. Now here's a really cheap but effective way of doing the lips. I put a base of black Ben Nye lipstick, then I take Cheap-o black tube Halloween makeup and a lipstick brush and shape my lips and add a light coat. I find it gives a more solid black than the lipstick itself.

After that I spirit gum the mask to my face, and do minor touch ups if any need to be done.

Finally, I put on the bodysuit, shoes, gloves and wrist ruffles, in that order.

Pop in some bubblegum and grab your giant hammer or pop gun and you're ready to go!


  1. wow that's pretty intense! but interesting :D

  2. That's an amazing makeup routine. Putting tissues around the edges is a great tip. [:

  3. My mom has a circus, and back when I would do stuff with them we'd all just use ben nye crap haha.

    Your costume looks awesome!

  4. Wow you look good! Thanks for the tips.

  5. @Carousellian Haha, after a few dozen times its pretty easy!

    @Chococat Thanks! Yeah, it really helps out tremendously.

    @Lallafa Ben Nye is what I use, actually! I'll recommend Ben Nye to everyone until I die! Thats awesome that your mom has a circus! Thanks!

    @April Thank you! And you're welcome!

  6. You're a perfect Harley! Do you ever accidentally rub your eyes or face (when you're tired or irritated or something)? It seems like this would take a lot of self control :O

  7. Love love love! I love Harley and you're amazing at cosplaying her!