Monday, October 25, 2010

Blogging once more

Wow, I haven't blogged in YEARS!
Can't wait to start up again.

I've spent the past two days rushing to finish three Halloween costumes and it's been hectic. Luckily, things are mostly coming out the way I want them to. I just have a lot of tweaking to do, its just been a bit difficult with my thumb in a splint. MY costume is awful, but at least my friend's costumes will rock. :P
Witch: About 60% done, bodysuit needs to be... fixed.
Smoker: 90% done. Need to dirty up the clothes and attach the tongue to a mouthpiece
Hunter: 95% done. Work on claws, rough the pants up some more

HOPEFULLY these costumes will turn out alright. I fully plan on redoing them all if I ever want to take them to a con. They're just rushed halloween level right now, ew.

Well, back to work!


  1. Oooo Smoker cosplay! He's my favorite special infected and it's really rare in cosplay too! Good luck :D

  2. I don't know much about L4D but roommate is really into it, welcome to Blogger~

  3. I'm lazy and just recycle old cosplay costumes for Halloween. I'll usually just use a ballgown and call it a princess costume.

  4. Can we see pics when they are done?

    I'm so jealous of people with crafting skills :O

  5. L4D are fairly easy for Halloween.
    And yay your almost done.

  6. yay blogging and L4D. Following you ^_^

  7. WOW, LD4 cosplay. I'm working on finishing my costume for Halloween as well. I hope you get it done in time!

  8. @Ada Thanks! I'm excited to see how it all turns out. It feels like I've been working with latex for weeks now making boils and such.

    @Ellie I'm a bit obsessed with it! :) Thank you!

    @Larissa I did that a lot when I was younger. I was a vampire like, 5 years in a row.

    @Yllsa Sure! :D Ha, I'm mediocre at best, I'm just having fun.

    @Fatty-chan Yeah, that was part of the appeal! My friends turned to me at the end of September to come up with and make Halloween costumes. So I picked easy. XD

    @Kate Thanks for the follow!

    @Rachel Thanks, I hope so too!